The ONLY FDA-EUA APPROVED COVID-19 Rapid “Antibody” Test

Introducing! The FDA-EUA APPROVED COVID-19 Rapid “Antibody” Test

Sold only to medical professionals or a high-complexity laboratory, like SteelFusion Laboratories and/or a licensed distributor like our partners at AllSource Screening Solutions.

Our test utilizes whole blood/serum/plasma. Is easy to administer, and is complete within 10 minutes. It is also proven to be 97.3% accurate in laboratory testing!

These are not the “antigen” tests that you can get at medical lab, which take 7-10 days to obtain results, and are only 51% accurate.

An antibody test tells you if you have had COVID-19, or not. And if you have had it, it tells you if you still have it, or not. It even tells you if you have already started to build up the antibodies against it. This gives employers the knowledge needed to bring their employees back to work safety.

These kits will be competitively priced, and are offering volume pricing discounts. And we can ship them to you next day delivery upon receiving your order and deposit.

Contact us today to secure your batch of the only FDA EUA approved antibody testing kit product on the market!